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Winter Haircare Refresher

25 Nov

So, it has begun to snow for the first time in this winter. It shocked me how quickly it went from summer to winter. It seemed so long ago that we had to pull out our scarves and gloves–but here it is again! During this dry and cold time, our natural hair suffers and we need to take extra special care of it.
The first thing to do is remember what NOT to do/use in the winter so you refrain from damaging your hair even further than nature is already doing. Stay away from humectants in the winter because it will suck all the moisture from your hair! Things like aloe, panthenol (yes, found in most conditioners), glycerin, honey, molasses, etc. Also, forget about wash and go’s. This is the time to protect your hair like never before so when spring and summer rolls around, you’ll have the healthiest, shiniest hair on the block!
Personally, I bought a humidifier for my bedroom to keep my skin and hair supple. As well, I plan to do hot oil treatments more than deep conditioning treatments (which I did every week in the spring/summer/fall). The reason why I will be doing more hot oil treatments is because my hair will be much drier in the winter. Already, it is bone dry. My regular oils aren’t doing me any justice–especially since I just bleached my tresses. It is time to pull out the big guns (heavier oils) like castor oil, extra virgin coconut oil and Shea butter. I will still be deep conditioning for moisture and softness–but my hair will be thoroughly well-oiled. As well, the days of my Afro puff are over. I will be buying a cute Rasta-style white wool hat from Big It Up! and keeping my delicate, bleached strands in twists for 2 weeks to 4 weeks at a time. I think the only time I will be taking my hair out (other than to wash it) is for parties like Christmas, New Years, etc.
Also, at this time think about how your health can affect your hair. Drink more chicken soups, herbal teas and lots of water to keep your hair moisturized from the inside out. Fennel tea is very good for your hair and skin as well as peppermint tea. Keeping hydrated is the best thing to do for your hair and your body and your overall health. And when you get sick of twists, remember there is always chic buns!
Stay warm and enjoy your natural hair!