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Protective Styles for Winter

28 Nov

Protective styling your hair is vital in the winter. Of course, there are many websites that detail how they would style their hair protecting their ends for summer (humid) and winter (cold, dry, wet). Living in Canada, I am about a week away from frigid temperatures and snow. December is going to be harsh, the news says, and I’m definitely thinking about my tresses.

The problem with protective styling for me is I like to show the length of my hair so pinning it up and plaiting it back doesn’t sound very aesthetic for me. I enjoy wearing my hair in Afro Puffs and finger twists. Obviously, these styles won’t exactly keep my hair safe from harsh winds, wet snow and dry, cold air. Plus, I’ll freeze my head off! So, what am I planning to do? I’m planning to incorporate protective styles, like buns and French braids and adding a trendy wool hat. This way, my hair is tucked safely (and the ends aren’t out) in my hat. It is difficult to wear a poufy, big Afro puff and a hat, right? But using bobby pins and buns, I can keep my hair protected and still keep the aesthetic value and warmth by hats. Currently, the Big It Up hat store in Eaton Centre Shopping Mall has a lot of hats designed for women of colour and their big hair. 🙂

Winter weather means less wash and go, and more moisturizing. It is important to realize the styles that worked in the hot summer won’t ncccesarily be a good idea in the winter if you live in a cold climate like Canada or New York or Colorado. I know in the winter I’ll be washing my hair less often and moisturizing more often, and using a Humidifier in my bedroom to retain moisture in my hair. I have impossibly dry hair and dry skin in the winter. Regular skin creams get absorbed and keep my skin itchy. I need a very thick, very strong lotion in the winter for my skin and effective hair oils like coconut oil. I do more hot oil treatments, too.

What do you do to keep your hair protected in the winter? 



The Journey Reveals Itself

21 Nov

Sorry I haven’t been posting, ladies, but I have a lot of different hairstyles from finger twists to bantu knots to post shortly as well as info about Toronto’s only natural hair store Honey Fig and their natural products (yes, they sell Kinky Curly and Mixed Chicks!) 🙂

I just wanted to quickly write how the journey of natural hair is profound. You not only learn so much about your hair each day you care for it, and see it transform in front of your eyes from something mystifying to something you are proud of. It is a part of you–yes, but having control over every part of you is very vital to your self esteem. You may realize your hair grows long, or grows thick or is super curly or has crazy Z kinks. Whatever it is, your healthy mane is YOURS and it’s beautiful.

Even though there are days I have my doubts about being beautiful and accepted with my natural curls, and with friends urging me to wear hair extensions and weaves, I know that my hair is definitely an extension of who I am. I don’t need to hide, I’m not ashamed of who I am. I think I am beautiful the way I am already, and I do not need to cover this up.


Soon to come is a picture gallery of some styles I’ve rocked, and protective styles (mostly buns) for the cold, Canadian winter. Of course, with websites like it is SO easy to stay motivated and try new styles. Moving from the easy afro puff to silk scarf styles and finger twists, I feel more liberated than ever 😀