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Trial And Error

17 Oct

We have all done things to our hair we regret. Dying it platinum blonde, in hopes of looking like Madonna in the 80s…or perhaps a perm went horribly wrong. How many of us have shaven (half or fully) your hair and regretted it in the morning…or the awkward stages when it began to grow back? I’m sure everybody has had a hair mishap and if they could go back in time, they would do it all differently.

The thing is, nobody knows how to grow long, perfect hair without some mishaps and setbacks. There are a lot of natural sisters who have gotten frustrated and just cut their hair, only to start back at Step One. How many times until you get it right? Who cares? It’s all a learning process. We learn every day which products make our hair happy–what ingredients work, and which to avoid.

For me, my hair has a long history of mishaps, hair color, chemicals, spur-of-the-moment shaves and ridiculous hair styles. But, if it wasn’t for all that, I’d never be confident knowing I just like my hair the way it is naturally—black, kinky, curly and big!

My hair now has really thrived with the help of aloe vera gel and coconut oil. Now my bottle of coconut oil is finished and all my other oils are almost done (castor oil, jojoba oil): I’m ready to embark on a journey and find different products to help my hair become healthier and longer, stronger and curlier.

Thanks to so many natural hair bloggers and information online, I am able to see what products work (based on reviews) and what might work for my hair, which is dry and kinky, fragile with a very Z curl pattern.

I want to try the Carol’s Daughter Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner Spray and the Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, which contains jojoba oil, cocoa and shea butters!! I am running out of my natural J/A/S/O/N shampoo and the next one I want to try is the Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo, which is a natural, amazing-smelling shampoo with the aroma of vetiver, tonka bean and benjoin. I have tried Ojon shampoos before. It is expensive but works really well on Black hair.

As for oils, I’m ready to try the Argan Oil (Morroccon Oil) and the

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affordable grapeseed oil.


Hair Spurt

17 Oct

Hair is definitely a mystery. For months, my hair has stubbornly been at the same length and refused to grow. I thought perhaps it was annoyed with me for foolishly shaving half my head. (Who did I think I was…Cassie?) But when I least expected it, my hair begun to grow. One day I just looked in the mirror and saw a full head of hair again. There is nothing to describe the utter joy and silent excitement of having natural, kinky black hair growing…actually growing out of your own scalp.

I guess it’s a hair spurt. Maybe it was the quick head massage in the shower or all that aloe gel…but whatever it was, (a seasonal change, maybe?) has made me extra happy to be a natural woman and has instilled a sense of relief and confidence in me.

Relief because we all know long, natural hair is possible. But until we achieve it ourselves, this concept at best, is obscure. Pictures splashed on the Internet and on natural hair forums show us girls just like you and me have kinky gorgeous hair–a bountiful of it. Yet it’s a whole different story when the hair you’ve so carefully oiled and plaited every night actually decides to turn into the curly locks you’ve been ogling for months.

And the confidence is because it’s my own hair, and whether people expect me to leave my house looking a certain way, I know I can leave my house happy and proud of who I am and what I look like. Having growing natural hair doesn’t just make me a believer. It makes everyone a believer. It helps dispel the stupid myths about black hair. Notions like black hair cannot grow long, our natural hair is dirty, and our hair looks/feels like wool.

There is nothing sexier and more amazing than touting around your own hair, and as thousands (maybe millions?) of black women and girls who are foregoing chemical straighteners and weaves will see–black hair is very, very beautiful.