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Hair Porn

25 Jun

Hair Forever

25 Jun

My family recently called me one evening with blatant disapproval of my natural hair. My mother begged me to come with her to a hairdresser to give my hair some sort of chemical to make it “wavy”. She was worried I was running around the streets of Toronto looking like a homeless mess. That was her opinion of natural hair. Even my own natural sister, who has more of a Type 3b hair that is much more manageable, texts me often to shave it. Their dislike for my hair makes me indignant, a bit hurt, and makes me wonder why they are all so oblivious to the beauty of natural Afro hair.

As we speak, I’m nurturing my dry tresses with a (messy) moisturizing coconut milk and olive oil deep conditioner and letting it sink in my hair while I do chores around the house. My hair texture could be a lot more rough but regular use of softening oils and conditioners have made it more manageable. By nature, it is kinky and that is essentially its beauty–not something I am trying to get rid of or fix. I love my hair but I wish my family could love it too. I don’t know why they would want me to add all these chemical processors to it, and look like something I’m not. I do understand the professional chicness of straight, chemically manageable hair. Even at work, many black women perm their hair or wear weaves but I just wouldn’t be happy with it. I love running my hands through my own thick hair.


I do understand my hair is nappy. I get the point my mother, with her fine Indian hair, is trying to make. She doesn’t understand what it is like to have nappy hair, or to take care of it. I get the point my sister is trying to make. That I should add gels and make my hair look more presentable in public. But, at the end of the night, it’s my hair journey. Not theirs.