Protecting My Hair

26 Jan

Spring is ALMOST here. It is almost time to rock bright fuchsia printed dresses and cute flowered ballet flats. It is almost time for cardinal yellow jumbo necklaces, sunshine-y afternoons on the patio and strolls in the park. It’s almost time to rock wash-n-go’s and twist-outs again!!!

And the way my over-processed, very damaged bleached hair is going–I’m nowhere near ready to show off my naked hair. I decided to do some S.O.S today and buy a Half Wig that looks very similar to my real hair and texture and keep my hair flat-twisted and well oiled underneath until the end of March when the temperatures start rising. This gives my hair a MUCH needed vacation and allows me to rest from manipulating it. I hope that with weekly deep conditioning, the vacation will help my hair gain back some of it’s lustre, softness and manageability.

While I know that wigs are not natural, using one short-term to benefit my natural hair seems like a wise choice! It gives my hair a break and will help it in the long-termImage


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