Not a Competition

26 Jan

It seems everyone these days is in a rat race to have the thickest, curliest most lush kinky ‘do for the summer. Who has the nicest natural hair? Well, we ALL do. It’s not a race, or a competition but rather an expression of our cultural diversity and our natural beauty. By displaying our coils and kinks in every way possible–top knot box braids, soft and shiny twists, knock-out braid outs, retro Afros and updos and braids of all kinds–we are showing the world that we love our hair and are proud to show it off. It should not be about judging our fellow sisters and making natural hair seem intimidating and daunting for new naturalistas or transitioners. Whether very short and new, or enviably long–natural hair is beautiful because it’s OURS. We can swim, work out and dance at the clubs without worrying about sweating out a relaxer or being the one with the tumble weed on the dance floor.

I know I want to have the best, biggest hair but I also know when I see other naturalistas I am happy and proud for them, too. I spend a lot of time and cash on my hair’s health and look and I hope it’s well-invested, but I know other women are patiently growing out their hair chemical-free and want to enjoy their hair without cattiness. So let’s just smile at our sisters and hope this summer brings out naturals everywhere!938803-lush_locks


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