Growing Hair out through Flat Twists

26 Jan

Managing your hair while it is in flat twists is easier than if it was out, but that does not mean you can neglect your hair while it is in twists. It is in a protected style and your hair is protected–but it still needs daily TLC! Without giving it proper moisturizing, it will dry out and be tangly and worse off than when you begun. So all that hard work for nothing!

image08Start off by deep conditioning your hair for 1-2 hours minimum. Use your favourite, moisturizing conditioners, deep conditioning masques and oils–or whatever else you fancy during your deep conditioners (I mixed coconut milk, paraben and sulfate-free conditioner with Castor oil today). Once you are ready to rinse, be sure to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers before washing out the conditioner completely. This is the easiest time to detangle your curls and kinks. Once your hair is detangled, rinse out your deep conditioner and air dry your wet hair. While it is damp, add your moisturizers. Be very liberal when lathering in your oils and creams! Remember your hair will be in twists so you will not be able to reach every strand later on. Coat EVERY strand of hair with your moisturizer. Try coconut oil, Shea butter or some jojoba oil. When your hair is fully coated and moisturized, begin to twist your hair.

Every day, be sure to massage a bit of oil into your scalp. Don’t go crazy now–you don’t want a very oily, blocked dirty scalp that itches you. Try castor oil or some olive oil. Spritz some water on your flat twists to dampen it and add a lightweight oil like avocado or grapeseed to the hair–focusing particularly on your ends. If your hair dries throughout the day, repeat again at bed time. Using a hair serum like argan oil or even some Tea tree oil is helpful overnight. Repeat every day until you are ready to undo your twists–and enjoy! 😀


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