Overnight Deep Conditioning for Damaged Hair

19 Jan

My hair is currently being pampered after I tried to bleach my darkened roots. I over-bleached them, consequently frying my hair and leading to a lot of breakage and damage. To help nurse my fragile tresses back to health, I did an overnight deep condition which was recommended by a natural friend who has stunningly shiny, healthy hair. I used J/A/S/O/N conditioner, a Pantene Pro-V damage deep conditioner, coconut milk and rosemary oil to battle the dry, damaged hair on my head. It has been over a week since I washed my hair, while I kept it in secure twists (secured with elastic bands at the end to hold the twists) and regular moisturizing.

This weekend I am keeping my hair parted in four with four big Bantu knots. I will keep this ‘do until next Friday when I will take it out for another overnight deep conditioning. I plan to purchase coconut oil (yes I ran out..yikes!) which has been a magical ingredient in my natural hair journey. Nothing is as effective as extra-virgin coconut oil–my Shea butter can’t even come close!

The best thing to do if you have damaged, natural hair is to really pamper it and keep it in protective styling–wash minimally and moisturize properly EVERY day…which means water first, oil second, sealant last. 🙂Image


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