Falling in Love with Textured Hair

5 Jan

We are so used to caring and maintaining our natural hair on a daily basis, but how often do we stop to appreciate we have grown a full head of hair that belongs to us individually? The beautiful crown on our heads does not come in a package, from a store with a price tag on it. It is ours. Realizing this will make us love our hair even more and accept it for what it is-in all its versatility, complexity and mysteriousness. There are many times when I feel frustrated, hapless and frazzled by my hair. But there are other days when it amazes me, surprises me and makes me feel confident and beautiful. Our hair is beautiful–it makes us beautiful.


3afro-black-and-white-gorgeous-hair-model-Favim.com-154728hair-model-express-about-us-pic1-grandemodel hair 7natural-hair-model_hair_2

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