New Love: Scarves

1 Jan

In my last post, I spoke of how trendy and protective a scarf is for your hair. I had felt intimidated by scarves as I never wore one outside the house before. I did not think it would look good, and I did not know how to tie it but it was surprisingly easy and looked chic. I put my hair up in a bun and wrapped the scarf around, leaving out some tendrils in front to frame my face. Not only did it keep my head warm from the wind but it protected my hair from the elements, too. I could have my hair in big, lazy twists or a bun and wear a scarf. It’s fabulous.


Just because you cannot see your hair under a scarf does not mean you should not make sure it is moisturized and healthy. I feel I could live with a scarf on my head, but I know I need to make sure the hair and especially my dry ends have a daily dose of moisture via a spray bottle with water + rosemary oil and Shea butter. Take advantage of the coverage to keep your hair braided/twisted and leave the high-maintenance hairstyles for days when you aren’t wearing a scarf.


DSC_0173To rock any style, all you need is confidence. I did get a few stares today in the pharmacy but then again, I live in a predominately White neighbourhood where they do not see much exposure to Black women in headscarves and natural hair, or to even understand about protective styling.

The reasons why I love headscarves is because of the protective it offers, the way it makes it seem like you have a lot more hair due to the voluminous fabric, the bright cheerful colors that complement dark skin tones and the vintage style it offers–especially when paired with shades or nice earrings.

Scarves are here to stay!



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