Party Hairstyles for New Years

31 Dec

It is that time of the year for countless parties, sexy silk dresses in  bright colors and photo ops. It’s time to take pictures with friends and look the most fabulous you can. But it’s also still winter–and it’s a good idea to still keep your hair protected! Here are some ideas for hairstyles to wear to your New Year and Christmas fetes.

DSC00834-1-1The Double Bun is trendy, fun and classy. Best of all, it is a protective style that keeps your ends tucked in. I wanted to try this style tonight for a house party I’m throwing for New Year’s Eve. I would recommend adding some shine serum (or some grape seed oil) and using a bit of faux hair to plump up the buns if you have shorter natural hair but still want a dramatic look. I think this look with dangly earrings is right on point!

229261437251157055_MTtqCFHF_cIncorporate a stylish, bright scarf and wrap your ends in the scarf for a hip, protective style. With fun earrings, bright lipstick and a cute dress you’ll look funky and hipster. This style is very versatile because you can tie a hair scarf in so many different ways and even leave out bangs to frame your face. You can cover all your hair, half your hair or just use the scarf to accent your hairstyle like a headband. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong pulling off a scarf!

danellelloydhairstyles_braidedfrenchplaitupdohairstyleA classy French braid chignon is a protective style that is very elegant. If you’re going to a really nice party where you have to dress up, try out this style with a front braid. Pair with extravagant sparkly earrings and frosty cheeks. This hairstyle would look super glamorous on slightly wet, very wavy hair. Try to use a styling creme that brings out your curls for texture.

Natural-Hair-UpdoIf you’re not a very creative naturalista (like me!) try using bobby pins and piling on your hair on top of your head in a casual but sexy way. Keep the hair in the middle to add more drama and leave your sides very sleek. It is a voluminous, elegant look that really shows off your natural beauty and highlights your face. I would do this style after the hair has been in a twist out for a wavy, romantic texture.

Just because we are natural does not mean we should never use hair products to help us with a certain hairstyle. Using hairspray or gel to voluminize or slick down a style is beneficial. You will have product build up but it will wash out the next time you wash/condition your hair. You have to learn to have fun with your hair. Why else are we natural, right?

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