Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

16 Dec

Even though I mostly focus on natural hair on my blog, being natural isn’t just about the hair but the skin, face, whole body inside and out. Many ingredients that are good for you to eat is good for your hair and skin. Right now, I am using a hydrating skin masque from Balea that uses natural ingredients Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. I wear a lot of make-up during the work week and like to give my skin a rest on my days off. I cleanse my skin with an exfoliating oatmeal soap made of all-natural vegetable oils and use a face masque once a week.

I also have very dry skin and to moisturize daily I use Shea butter, cocoa butter and I also use castor oil on very dry parts of my body like my legs, feet and elbows. Keeping your hair, skin and face hydrated and moisturized is very important–especially in the winter months. Cetaphil is also good for sensitive skin. I work a lot with my hands and using a quality hand creme like Gylsomed is a good idea to keep hands supple and soft.

Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly is also good for the skin. Even though we are ready to splurge for hair products, we have to also remember to care for the rest of our body. Aveeno Skin Lotion has cured my dry skin ASAP in winter weather and always smells great. For really dry skin, I recommend lathering the oil/lotion before bed and putting on socks and warm clothing to allow the heat to help penetrate your skin.

Remember to lotion/oil your skin and moisturize your face! You cannot have gorgeous hair and ashy skin! 😀

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