The Faux Bun

10 Dec

I finally feel like I perfected the faux bun using some kinky extension hair to make my bun more dramatic. I prefer the bun as a protective style to protect  my ends and retain length as opposed to twists because professionally, it is more comfortable for me. I detangled my hair using water, a leave-in conditioner and a wide-toothed comb (which I RARELY do….omg I lost soo much hair) but I had detangled, moisturized hair. I then added Shea butter and castor oil to my damp hair and brushed it into a ponytail. I then added some of the extension hair and created a bun using about 6-7 bobby pins and two elastic bands. I am not going to touch my hair for four days, leaving this style in until Friday night or Saturday morning depending on my social schedule.

This is a very good style to have for the cold months because you can easily put a beanie on, protecting your hair from the wind and the elements. Your hair is protected with minimal stress on the hair. I will not have to do anything in the morning like untwist my twists or put it in an Afro puff. I can dress up my faux bun with a sparkly or colorful hair band, some feathery earrings or keep it sleek by adding a little gel and some red lipstick. I love the bun as a hairstyle because it looks put together, not wild and crazy. You can really get crazy with buns–even do a bouffant, add bangs or do double buns or do something like half-bun, half-twists. I’ve seen some creative protective styling via Instagram and Pinterest but the most important thing is that your ends are protected, your hair is moisturized and detangled and it isn’t too tight.

dec2012 029Going from this, like 2 years ago where my hair was really short and thin to having thicker, longer hair with it’s own natural curl pattern has been such a great experience.

dec2012 131dec2012 223dec2012 199The best thing to do this winter is protective style but also don’t forget to take your hair down and let it breathe as well (which is what I generally do on the weekends or for 1-2 days). You have to enjoy your hair and flaunt it…but also take care of it as well. If you can figure out how to do both at the same time…all the more to you. Natural hair is never supposed to be a burden–just a blessing so appreciate what’s on your head and know your worth!

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