Oils and Teas

1 Dec

I just came back from my second trip to Qi and even though they don’t carry a large variety of Ayurvedic products like brahmi and bhringraj as well as kokum butter. These Ayurvedic products would likely be found in an Ayurvedic or Indian health store. I was able to pick up amla powder which is very good for the hair as I posted already. It prevents hair loss and really helps with softening the hair. It takes a while to actually get the amla paste out of the hair so thorough rinsing is very necessary. I do prefer coconut milk to amla powder but I missed using it so I bought a bag for $6.99 (cheaper than Kensington Market where I paid $7.99 for the exact same bag!).

Staples are products that you use on a regular basis and for every naturalista, it is different because different girls may or may not like certain smells, textures, etc of different products. Some products that work for you may not work for the next girl. The staples I use on a regular basis are: extra virgin olive oil, rosemary oil, extra virgin coconut oil, aloe vera gel and Shea butter as well as water in a spray bottle.  (And for deep conditioning: organic natural conditioner, coconut milk). These are generally very affordable and EXTREMELY useful. I couldn’t imagine living without these products for very long.

Specialty items I use for my hair when I can afford it are jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, argan oil and creams and lotions from natural hair care brands like Carol’s Daughter, etc.

To keep my natural hair healthy, I drink fennel tea and take a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day. Eating fennel strengthens your hair and helps prevent your hair from shedding. It also treats itchy scalp and dandruff. I drink the tea but you can also do a fennel tea hair rinse. I was supposed to get stinging nettle for my hair but instead accidently got fennel, which is okay. But stinging nettle tea is better for natural hair. It is rich in silica, it strengthens the hair and helps hair grow. It is best to leave the stinging nettle in water for 10 hours then drink (it will be nutrient-dense) or to use as a hair masque directly on the hair. Drinking cod liver oil makes your hair thicker and stronger. Cod liver oil contains omega-3 and vitamin D. It tastes really gross and fishy but since my mom made me and my sister drink it as a kid every winter I’m used to the texture and taste somewhat.

If you are bored of just putting oils on your hair, think of other ways to grow your natural hair stronger like drinking herbal teas and taking natural supplements!ab473fe1



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