Newly Natural Vegetarian

10 Aug

I am so proud to be a newly minted vegetarian. It has been 3 days since I’ve eaten meat and I am just excited every day to enjoy meatless food. Especially since today is my first grocery shop since I went veggie, I feel like I have so many more options. Today I sampled an organic sprouted mung bean salad with coconut milk that was out of this world! Some vegetarian delights I really love are: pickled beets (golden and red), lentil and chickpea roti wraps, samosas and quinoa. I have been making Portabello Capreses at home, and for work I enjoy whole-wheat  macaroni and cheese, breaded fish and graham cookies. Yes, I still eat fish–just no *meat* at this point in my vegetarian journey. My reasons are for animal welfare, primarily.

I feel there are so many choices a vegetarian has in our modern time, and especially in Toronto from Indian cuisine to Chinese. I plan to be vegeterian for the rest of my life. I just love it!

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