Natural Hair Odor

30 Jul

Most naturalistas go a week or two without washing their hair–which is beneficial for the hair to get the most out of natural oils but after a few days and multiple hair oils/products the hair can start to smell…funky. I experience this often and feel self-conscious about my hair odor in public because I fear my hair smells strongly of Shea butter or coconut oil, or worse–just plain musty and dirty. My own conditioner and shampoos have extremely mild scents since they are all-natural so how can you ensure your hair smells lovely every day?

1. Essential Oils

Rubbing a few drops of essential oil on your pillow or satin hair cap will ensure your hair will smell quite nice in the morning. Pick a scent you love like jasmine or hyacinth or rose and keep your hair smelling terrific.

2. Mix peppermint oil or rose oil into a carrier oil like EVOO or coconut oil so it will mask the musty scent and keep your hair smelling minty!

3. Buy hair products that smell good!

I love the way Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue smells. It always leaves a good scent in my hair and holds curls really well. There are lots of products you can use that also smell great–so make sure you sniff before you buy leave-in conditioners, hair gels and hair sprays!

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