Afro Hair Grows–And That’s That!

30 Jul

I admit to being ignorant to natural haircare and Black hair growth before educating myself through the Internet and product knowledge a few years ago. I only knew what my mother and family did to my hair, but that was very harmful to my hair and inhibited its growth. I was skeptical my natural hair would grow, as I had experienced short hair full of breakage for my whole life but after adopting a natural haircare regimen including organic, natural shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, hair creams and protective styling–my hair is so thick, healthy and the longest it has ever been naturally. Plus, it is growing every day. Afro hair DOES grow, and having short hair is not an excuse. Length is achievable and attainable but you have to listen to your hair and respond.

When my hair is experiencing a lot of split ends, or is very dry–I always wear it in twists for 4 days up to 2 weeks.

My hair in fresh twists

My hair in fresh twists

During the time my hair is getting a “vacation” from everyday wear and tear, I am able to rub my scalp and moisturize it with herbal water and oils. When I take my hair down–it is fuller, longer, stronger and softer!

The key to growing Afro hair is leaving it alone. Cleanse, moisturize and detangle it–then don’t touch it for a couple of days whether it is in a bun, twists or any other protective style. And it will grow. At night, I make sure to protect my ends and moisturize my hair before putting on a silk cap. If I didn’t, my hair would be so dry and just break off–staying at the same length forever. And my hair is very thick. It may not grow in length, but it gets thicker and thicker and so it is very voluminous. I take this into account as the way my hair naturally grows, and as an achievement that something is actually working.

Instead of pouring all your money and time into hair extensions, why not pour that money and time into growing your own hair into the length you desire while maintainng healthy, strong and soft hair that is 100% you?

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