DIY Diva

3 Jul

Do you find some natural hair products are way too pricy? Are you a diva on a budget? Like me, making my own hair products makes sense and makes cents. It means I know exactly what goes in my hair, and I can make larger portions.

From hair rinses to deep conditioners, DIY has been the tried and true way to manage thirsty roots for many naturalistas. While I do buy some of my products in stores like shampoo and conditioner (all can be done DIY), I enjoy doing some things at home. I absolutely adore the idea of flaxseed hair gel, of which I first heard of from vlogger Naptural85 on Youtube but this great stuff is popping up everywhere. I use aloe vera gel currently for a sleek, soft hold that doesn’t get hard or flake ever. But I would love to try flaxseed hair gel.

Here is a recipe from naturalbeautyworkshop for a natural hair spritz:

Try blending some aromatic and beneficial Hydrosols with an equal portion of Witch Hazel to make an Herbal Hair Spritz.  Dead Sea Brine can be used in place of Witch Hazel to increase hairs texture and volume.  Blend these ingredients together in a sprayer bottle, and spritz liberally on towel dried hair.

For a natural hair rinse, I use

Warm filtered water, Chamomile tea leaves, chopped ginger and fresh thyme. I strain and pour after conditioning my hair in the shower. Sometimes I substitute chamomile for peppermint leaves (or mint tea).

I also do the Apple cider vinegar rinse.

For hair sprays, I use (daily) filtered water, a small dollop of conditioner, and coconut oil. Sprayed on my hair three times a day, it leaves my dry tresses moisturized. Before styling, I spritz my hair with this to soften it. You can subsitute the coconut oil for EVOO or jojoba oil, or even castor oil. Be sure to shake well though with castor oil!


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