We Need More Advertisement About Natural Hair

2 Jul

While at work the other day, a Jamaican co-worker asked me if my hair was natural. I replied, “Yes, it is.” She had long, lovely hair but it was chemically relaxed. Her hair was much longer than my own. She then told me she wished she could have natural hair too, but she didn’t know how to do it. She was afraid to cut off her own, long hair and would feel embarrassed with two textures in her hair (the new growth and her relaxed hair.”

I then told her about a product line designed for transitioning women, but she had never heard of them. Or Carol’s Daughter. Or even Kinky Curly or Mixed Chicks. She was oblivious to the whole “natural hair movement” because she had never heard much about it. When she turns on the TV, there will be ads for L’Oreal and Maybelline but there won’t be any ads for SheaMoisture. She wouldn’t find out about how to go from relaxed hair to natural hair unless she Googled it or went on YouTube.

I definitely felt it was important for Black women to have more access to information regarding their natural hair–and not just on the Internet. It surprises me when other Black girls comment on my hair and ask if I’m trying to grow dreadlocks or something. They are confused about it. And I know they could have the option to grow and maintain their own hair if they knew it was even an option!

Seeing more natural hair models, actresses and musicians in the media is a big step. Sure, we have Solange but (and no offense, sweetie because I personally ADORE you) but we need more famous celebrities to bring natural hair to new heights. Celebs like Beyonce, Kelis, Rihanna, Brandy, Ciara and models like Naomi Campbell could bring in a lot of clout. Millions of women will view their hair and they will remember. Having more advertisements and billboards and commercials about natural black hair products are also a good idea. Very popular brands like Kinky Curly and Carol’s Daughter should have large ads in subways and in malls to attract more Black women.

Regular beauty shops and pharmacies should carry more natural Black hair brands like Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart and Sally’s. Whenever I walk into a beauty store, I see brand names like RedKen but nothing that is formulated for my kinky hair. This means Black women believe there aren’t natural hair products formulated for them–or they are very hard to find (I always believed this). But installing some well-known brands into these shops means easier access for those who want to buy it…or are curious.

And lastly, magazines would do wonders featuring a natural hair brand, and natural hair models. People don’t need to be in the dark about natural hair any more. Information about transitioning, deep conditioning, protective hairstyles and more should be readily available to the public in every major city.

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