Natural Hair Pride

2 Jul

Mmm, the sweet smell of cocoa butter. The luxuriating effect of running your hand through your hair. From Pinterest to Facebook, natural hair popularity is soaring to new heights as women (and men!) show off their coiled, curly and kinky tresses in creative, sexy and fashionable ways. From TWAS to brightly hued afros–it’s all out there. Cascading curls down her back to sexy dreads on a built man, there is nothing that doesn’t go with Black hair. Even children are learning that natural hair is acceptable and beautiful as parents use products formulated for Black children’s hair to help promote healthy, moisturize natural hair for Black and mixed hair.

I definitely wish I had been able to have natural hair pride as a child, rather than being told my hair is ugly and needs to be tamed by chemicals, braids or relaxers. I cannot count on one hand how many times I have had my hair cut off as a child because my mother did not know what to do with it. Nowadays, there are countless websites and products to help you care for a natural child’s tresses without heat, damage and chemicals. Children can be proud to rock their braids, twists and twists outs in school and on the playground and have their own hair grow beautifully instead of repressing it and then adhering to a Europeanized ideal when they grow older. Having natural hair for our new generations is something they will get to experience lifelong, rather than something to transition into, like my own generation.

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