Naturally Weight Loss

21 May

          Compared to where I was last May, my hair is much healthier and thicker and is on the right road. But what’s the point of having gorgeous hair if you feel like a whale? I have gained around 60lbs and would like to shed it for the summer. I don’t like gyms, I don’t like jogging and I don’t like Weight Watchers but I DO like diets and I could easily stick to a strict diet. This is because, if I REALLY like a food, I can eat it over and over again without getting tired (ahem, like sushi). I scoured the Internet for the best diets and combined them to create a natural, healthy one for myself.And I have to go grocery shopping to get most of this stuff but here it is.

The NaturallyComplete Diet:

Rule #1: NO carbs at all (except for quinoa)

Rule #2: Eat more baked/grilled fish/white meat.

Rule #3: Eat water-based, home-made soups (like chicken soup) when hungry. Or pea/ham soup.

Rule #4: Consume beans/legumes/nuts.

Rule #5: Eat more raw foods to feel full (raw veggies/raw fruit)

Rule #6: Drink 1 Gallon of water a day, minimum.

Rule #7: Severely limit sugar to coffee drinks/lemonade, etc that is necessary. No desserts, no sweets except for *apple crumble*

Rule #8: Drink copious amounts of green tea, oolong tea and Chinese diet tea daily.

Rule #9: Eat breakfast every morning (bran cereal with fruit)

Rule 10: No eating after 5pm except for tea and soup. I will definitely post if this diet is successful or not, but cutting out the carbs is the best thing for me since my metabolism is very, very slow and I gain weight very easily. See how amazing Solange looks with her natural hair and slim figure? She is my motivation for shedding the pounds and gaining the confidence of a healthy, naturalista!

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