Must Haves For Natural Hair

1 May

Keeping my hair protected is #1 and during the day or night when I’m busy doing other things, I can put my hair up and forget about it but when it comes time to cleaning and moisturizing my hair–I depend on certain things to get the job done. Everyone has their natural hair secrets…what’s yours?

I learned through trial and error which products work and which ones don’t and if I were on an island and had only FIVE products to use for my naturally thick, dry hair it would be these:

1. Shea butter. (I use this right after washing my hair weekly and to moisturize and 100% cold-pressed natural organic shea butter is THE best thing for my hair.)

2. Jojoba oil. (It’s lightweight, a humectant and my hair soaks it up and loves it).

3. Spray bottle. (My spray bottles are versatile. I have one with distilled peppermint water, one with olive oil and water and one with pure glycerin and water. I mix all kinds of herbal water and put it a spray bottle. When I wake up or go to bed, I spritz my hair and throughout the day. Glycerin softens my hair and olive oil moisturizes it–plus the water is all around great).

4. Natural conditioner. (I don’t care much about shampoo. I prefer to clarify with ACV but I love my organic, natural sulfate and paraben-free conditioners because I co-wash my hair 1-2 times a week and use them for deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners. Either way, a bottle is usually done in 2 weeks. I mix oils with the conditioner to pack in the moisturizing punch, and if it weren’t for conditioners my very coarse hair would NOT be this nice!)

5. Wide tooth comb. (I don’t use a Denman brush and my wide tooth comb is perfect to comb out any tangles and kinks in the shower as well as help me part my hair at night. I rarely use my comb other than detangling as I just use my fingers to undo my night twists and get it into an afro puff but the comb is EXTREMELY necessary. I use a boar bristle brush with bamboo wood to brush my hair up into an updo or smooth down the edges but that’s about it. A strong wide tooth comb is recommended).

Even though I have a whole arsenal of hair products like coconut milk, coconut oil, rosemary oil, etc I find these 5 products are shining stars in my hair regimen. When I get lazy and don’t really detangle or moisturize my hair, these products will get my hair back up and running in the right direction. Some people swear on some brands or a system, but mine is simple–

1. Co-wash my hair once a week.

2. Twist it every night and cover with silk hair bonnet.

3. Moisturize and add water/glycerine/oils.

4. Protect my hair as much as possible.

5. Do as minimal damage as possible–no heat, chemicals, sulfates, etc.

Hopefully, my hair will keep shining as I adopt a healthier lifestyle and eat more fruit and veggies. I definitely encourage women to embrace their natural hair and have fun creating a hair regimen–and don’t be SHY about your hair. It’s yours, and it’s gorgeous and it’s very fun taking care of it and rockin’ it every day!

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