How Do You Get Your Hair Like That?

25 Mar

Browsing through some Natural Hair photos online, I always wonder how these gorgeous, bold women get their Afro hair to look so sexy and textured. Instead of a fuzzy lump on their head, no matter the length, their hair looks AWESOME. And I just wonder–what is their secret? Whenever I leave the house, my hair is just dry and frizzy and lifeless. There is no bounce, no curl…no nothing. I still love my hair to death, but I wish it had some sass and oomph!

I read what some women said were their “secrets” whether its coconut milk, yellow shea butter or jojoba oil. I think I just add so much oil to my hair and I don’t have enough creamy stuff in it which adds to the frizz. Right now, my hair is very tangled from hair nets at work and needs to be detangled (SERIOUSLY) and I am thinking to myself–Oh I wish I had some coconut milk to really get in there and soften up my ball of tangled frizz. But I forgot to pick some up and I’m left with sparse ingredients to deep condition my hair with. To keep my hair detangled for work, I am going to keep it twisted and try to work with twists as a protective style. My goal this spring is to really bring out the texture of my hair, whatever product or style it takes. Whether I have to twist my hair every night, or do a wash and go–bringing out the natural texture of my hair is important. I find it so attractive and unique, and I just don’t really know what I’m doing wrong in my regimen that leaves my hair so textureless. So what products out there are going to bring out the natural curl and texture of my hair?

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie is one product that sounds like it does everything I need–smoothing the hair, detangling and moisturizing it! For thirty dollars, I hope it is worth it’s price but I have heard raving reviews of this product and Carol’s Daughter. Carols Daughter Hair Milk – The Original is known to bring out the curls in natural hair, and that’s just what I need. But more than that, using new methods to manipulate my hair is needed–like hair sprays and gels. Curl Junkie Aloe Fix Lite sounds like a good bet for light, curly spring hair. I can see myself spritzing my hair with a leave-in conditioner spray and then using the aloe gel to put my hair up in a cute do with some sparkly hair clips. I’m sure the humidity will keep my hair soft and manageable. What are you doing for spring hair?


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