The Spring in My Hair

12 Mar

The snow is melted and I’m bringing out all the humectant products for spring: aloe gel, honey and molasses. With my hair hidden under a hat for most of winter’s dreary days, it is about high time to be able to rock my curly hair out in public again. With nothing but high temperatures for the next week, it got me thinking….How do you go from flat twists to non-protective styles without drying out your kinks? I am so used to keeping my hair moisturized and safe from breaking by twists that the idea of leaving it out–even on a sunshiney days, worries me.

And it’s not that easy. We naturalistas don’t have it easy, but that’s okay. We didn’t come this far to just let our hair dry up and die, did we? My hair will look fabulous on my way out the door–my curls will be springy and sexy and nice. An hour later, after the wind has blown it or I’ve sweated a bit…those nice curls are now a big frizzy hot mess. And my hair is ruined. Or not…Just as you take care of your hair at home, do so on the go. Run to the bathroom and spritz some moisture in your hair with a water bottle containing filtered water, a moisturizer (like olive oil or some conditioner) and a pomade (or some shea butter). My hair is 4b and dry, dry, dry as well it has major shrinkage after being wet, fragile because of zig zags and will get frizzy QUICK.

Spring, you are a nice season, but hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy you and enjoy my hair too! I just finished a hot oil treatment in my hair with EVOO, sesame oil and coconut oil. My hair was feeling very dry and needed a nice dose of extra moisture after my usual Deep Conditioning which helped with softness but left my hair dry for the rest of the week. I have been twisting my hair every night faithfully throughout the winter but am now switching to banding my hair gently for the spring. The main reason I’m switching to banding is because when I quickly twist my hair for bed, the twists focus mainly on the ends and my hair doesn’t get the individual TLC it needs. When I section and band my hair, detangle it and oil it it seems to get more attention with banding and grows more efficiently for some reason. Plus, it takes less time! In the morning, I just unband it, take one band and put my hair up in a bun with some bobby pins! Voila!

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