Be Fearless

6 Mar

Rocking our textured hair that stands out takes guts. It takes guts to defy convention and misinformation about Black women and their hair. It takes guts to go against the grain and to be confident in your skin. That is why it is so important to be fearless in our natural hair quests, to be proud of our curls and kinks in its various forms and to NEVER feel less than anyone else. Despite the dirty looks, the quizzical smiles and the negative comments–we must rise above it all and be fearless.

It doesn’t matter whether we are having a bad hair day or trying out a new style. There may be people who do not think our hair, in its pure and natural form, is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? But it doesn’t mean we need to fear their opinions,or acquiesce to how they think we should look. It doesn’t matter. It isn’t important. We don’t look like them. We look like ourselves. We are unique. We are original. We are individuals. And we should be fearless.

Sometimes I get the feeling when walking down the street with my hair in an Afro puff or in a remarkable twist-out that people of different races do not understand my hair. They make thing I look messy, disheveled or didn’t comb my hair this morning because it doesn’t look sleek and straight–resembling their own appearances. I have felt inadequate in certain places because I looked different, but as each day begins, and I wake up and look at myself in the mirror before I leave the house, I tell myself “You look great. You must be fearless. Your hair is all yours–and there’s nothing wrong with it.”


—-> Even though my hair can be dry and unruly sometimes, and look utterly crazy. I’m not afraid to embrace who I really am.

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