Hair Lesson 2012: Leave That Hair Alone

5 Mar

Probably one thing I learned from 2011 is to just leave my hair alone and let it grow–checking up on it once in a while to make sure it is healthy and moisturized. As I stated before, I leave my hair twisted for 6 days while I work and take the twists down on my days off. I may occasionally undo my twists if I hit the gym or go on an excursion, but if I head home after work (I usually do!) my hair stays twisted. Not fussing with my hair daily has not only saved me time getting ready in the morning and in the evening, but means the hair is not getting stressed out every day. It seems healthier and longer to me. Even though I am tempted to prance around town with my hair out, with the high gusty winds I know it is best to secure my hair under a hat and leave it out during nice, humid weather. It may sound ridiculous to people who want to enjoy natural hair, but while I let my hair alone now–it will grow faster and I’ll be able to do more with it LATER. If I leave my hair alone for 3 months, imagine how much it will grow by summer?

I notice my hair’s texture changes as it grows longer–it becomes curlier and looser as the hair hangs heavier. Also, with my hair continually in twists, the hair pattern is used to being in S shape. Twisting my hair and covering it up at night, moisturizing it and spritzing with water is my focus. I’m not worried about it being perfect or looking great–just making sure it’s protected. I wear a hat at work and so there is no point to have my hair done, anyways. It is a great advantage while I try to grow my hair and keep it healthy. It may not be fun and it may not be glamorous, but just letting your hair grow on its own is probably the best thing you can do for your African textured hair.

It may not be growing like Pocahontas…but I definitely see some improvement :).

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