Getting Ready for Spring!

5 Mar

I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t one of the many naturalistas getting excited for showing off dazzling curls for the warmer spring weather. It is time to stuff those long black winter coats and heavy boots in the closet in lieu of something lighter and more colorful. I’m already putting together my Spring Lookbook which is mostly compiled of bright clothing from super-affordable stores like Forever 21, H&M and Winners. The only thing I really plan to splurge on is a pair of vintage sunglasses. I still regret the pair  I didn’t buy at Sunglass Hut that now cannot be found anywhere.

I dyed my hair red with L’Oreal a week or so ago (I was too intimidated to use henna) and I really love having a bit of color in my hair. It makes a huge difference and it has really loosened my curl slightly to make my hair look more defined with curls rather than just frizz. Since dying my hair, I did experience the breakage and dryness that everyone warns you about. I know it was a risk so I have been deep conditioning like I am right now (with argan oil conditioner, coconut oil, some oil blend and water). I have had my hair in mini-twists for 6 days during work and plan to keep it twisted next week for another 6 days so I can absorb some of the damage from the dye by keeping my hair 100% protected and moisturized. I only wear my kinks out on my days off (Sunday/Monday) and wearing my hair protected means retaining much revered length.



But enough about me and my hair. It seems that now, more than ever before, there are natural hair style icons popping up everywhere and I had also taken notice of the stylish women who make natural hair part of their identity, personalities and their style. Icons like Solange and singer Lianne la Havas.


Their take on bold color and unapologetic big hair really inspires me. I love Solange’s coral nails and lipstick and her bright prints and African style jewelery. She has a unique style and the confidence to pull it off, and my eyes are on her. La Havas also has a graceful, vintage style she totally owns and gorgeous spirally hair she wears in a trademark side bun, but it looks gorgeous out and wild.

I hope this spring to wear less boring tans and whites and browns and take a leap with style and opt for more daring prints like zebra as well as colors that scream “Look at me” like raspberry, mint green, sunny yellow, aqua and purple. I love how these women completely own the wild tribal look. It completely matches their awesome hair and style. 🙂

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