Bye, Bye Afro Puff

5 Mar

I have been donning the Afro Puff for so long, I could do the hair do in the dark. The snow is melted away and I’m ready to try a new hairdo as my staple for spring weather that goes with my style and is easy (because complicated hairdos are not my thing!) I watched a lot of YouTube videos, checked out hair style websites like NaturallyCurly and decided the best idea is the bun. I played around with this versatile hairstyle in the winter but I think for spring I can dress it up with big plastic earrings, flowered hair bands and colored hairpins.

The hair bun is preferred over other styles a lot of naturalistas will be doing like the “wash & go” because my hair is so dry that leaving it out for prolonged periods of time will lead to (sigh) damage and breakage. Yes, I will wear my hair out in twists outs and some wash  & go, but my staple–like the Afro puff was for me in fall and winter, is going to be the bun.

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