Perfected the Bun! Sorta

2 Feb

So, after many months of trying, without even trying I managed to get my hair in a bun for the gym. I hate the way my hair flops when I am on the elliptical machine so I’m really happy I found a solution. It’s a fantastic protective hairstyle (my ends are tucked underneath with bobby pins) and to slick down the front of my hair I used a dollop of aloe vera gel, which also moisturizes and hydrates. Nothing else…although previously there was some chamomile water and Shea butter in my hair from the morning. If I can do it again…it will definitely be my hairdo of 2012 because I’m getting so sick of the afro puff.

I don’t know if it is because my hair has grown that putting it in a bun is easier. It’s hard to tell if your hair has grown when it shrinks and grows on a daily basis. I didn’t brush out my hair or anything. I know there are some flyaway pieces and it’s really kinda…not that neat..but I’m giddy. Yay, I did it!

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