Instant Love: Argan Oil

1 Feb


I bought this conditioner on sale for ten bucks at Shoppers Drug Mart about a week or so ago and have used it twice. I definitely love that it is sulfate free! I finished my JASON jojoba conditioner and read somewhere argan oil is like jojoba, but works better. So I gave it a try and I love this product because it really softens my hair and smells wonderful. And my hair seems thicker! I used it in a deep conditioner for 2 hours and my hair was really lovely afterwards! I would definitely get more Organix products for the cheap price point, and more argan oil like the concentrated oil itself. Known as Moroccan Oil, it really is a wonderful aid for natural hair. It is one of the most expensive oils but they are sold everywhere from health stores to Sephora . (I love Sephora!! :D) . I do not regret this purchase. I love using this conditioner and using natural, organic products is something I’m adamant about.

I love using it for deep conditioners and adding avocado, eggs and olive oil to it. Definitely try it out!

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