Mixed Hair For Kids

13 Jan

There is so many hair products designed specifically for the very curly hair of mixed-race children, which is a wonderful thing. Brands like Mixed Chicks, It’s a Curl and Kinky Curly and Blended Beauty have products you can use for 3-type hair. I think about having kids, and have seen in my own family and others, the hair of the children are completely 2-type, or Caucasian. The curly kinks I’m experiencing are not going to be experienced by my kid. It saddens me to know that, although it depends on the genes and there are a lot of mixed kids who have curly hair, not just straight hair. I’d love to have my hair genes be more dominant because I’m very proud of my kinky coils.

I think the hair biracial children have is as diverse as that of any culture plus more, because of the different components whether it’s the finest and shininess of Asian hair, or the thickness of Latino hair or the kinky thickness of Black hair. My mom has fine hair, and my father has very 4b African hair and I ended up with my father’s hair yet my sister ended up with my mom’s hair. You never know! That is the beauty of having biracial children, as many people can attest. I would be biased to say biracial kids are the cutest and have the best hair. I have cousins who are mixed (black/white) and look 100% white, and I have mixed cousins who look black with GORGEOUS locks.

The important thing is to know how to take care of the hair!

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