Dry Hair Sucks

6 Jan

My hair is extremely dry right now, like the Saharan desert. I haven’t received my humidifier yet, so I’m blaming it on the apartment heaters. I have definitely shed a lot of hair and it’s in a horrible condition. I feel it’s just the winter and my hair is barely hanging on to survive LOL.

As I’ve stated earlier, I’m going to buy some new products but now just things to go in my hair because it’s not the only step of being natural.

Things like satin pillowcases and satin hair wraps, for night-time help sooo much to stop breakage and dry hair. The humidifier is solely being bought so my hair doesn’t dry out. And I’m going to get one that doubles as a vaporizer.  I know this will really help a lot. At night, my hair wrap comes off and by the morning, my twists are frizzy and dry! 😦

The SheaMoisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment masque sounds like it’s the go-to to help rid my hair of so much damage and breakage since it is for dry and damaged hair (right up my alley!) Even though it’s $22+ tax, which is a steep price for one product, I have heard amazing reviews about it and SheaMoisture, the brand, in general.

I also realized I’m not drinking my 8 glasses of water a day and that could also be why my hair is shedding, and is so unbelievably dry. I used to drink a large bottle of Perrier a day but I haven’t for a week–around the time I noticed my hair getting really damaged.

Of course, with all the money and time I invested in my hair, I’m a little frustrated it’s in it’s current state. I wish I could show a photograph but I haven’t because it looks so bad. It’s dry and straight, with no curl pattern or healthy moisture even though I spray it with chamomile water and seal with coconut oil every day. I do know hair goes through a growing, shedding and rest period. Maybe this is the shedding period?!

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