Long term protective styles

1 Jan

I notice a lot of naturalistas in the beginning of their hair journey opted for wigs or extension braids so they could have length while their hair grew out a bit. This makes total sense to me now, especially with the crummy winter weather. Manipulating your hair every day in the winter isn’t a good idea.

I have been left with a lot of breakage and shedding and dealing with my hair on a day-to-day basis with the drying conditions hasn’t been very optimal for any hair growth. Despite deep conditioning and hot oil hair treatments, my hair is brittle, dry, and is experiencing breakage because it cannot handle the environment.




So, I made a hair appointment for hair extension braids later this month so I can give my poor hair a rest for a couple of months. I plan to leave them in until spring-time when humidity is back in the air and it is much warmer, and the heater in my apartment is shut off. Wearing a long-term protective style like braids can help keep your hair stronger, help it grow longer and retain the ends of your hair. I was very frustrated with having short, dry hair. Even though I LOVE having naturally, unprocessed hair–just like me, it needs a vacation too!

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I am definitely excited to rock a lot of twists outs during warmer months, but while my hair is suffering now…It is best to just let it be–safely nestled away.

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