Wearing a Hat During Winter

31 Dec

In my last post, I was frustrated with how much time/effort it took to get my hair soft, moisturized, shiny and strong. And then I realized I’m trying to make my hair pretty but I cannot wear it because it is too cold outside. I have to protect my hair, like I protect my hands from the cold with mittens.

And then it dawned on me (DUH) to don hats during the snowing, dry winter months and the wet, rainy spring months too-A CUTE HAT for kinky hair, like a beanie or beret. Hordes of natural sistas have already thought of this (SMART) but it helps protect my hair with elements and also I don’t have to worry as much about styling it every day. I can wear an old twist out and not really care if it looks crappy because 80% of the hair will be covered anyways, only the bangs will show.












Look how cute she looks in her hat! It’s possible to protective style AND look cute :)!

One Response to “Wearing a Hat During Winter”

  1. Reese (@K1su90) January 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    hats are great but even better is satin lined hats! i found the link to this site from afrobella i think. even better protection don’t u think hehe^-^ hatsome.com

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