Some Hair TLC

31 Dec

At the advice of on taking EXTRA care of my dry kinky hair this winter, I did a hot oil treatment and a deep conditioning treatment. I used a mixture of my ANU oil blend, EVOO and EVCO (Coconut) oils and heated them, distributing it through my dry hair with a squeeze Gatorade bottle. I covered my hair and left it in there for 12 hours (from 8:00pm to 8:00am) overnight with a plastic cap and a towel. I shampooed and washed my hair and did a deep conditioner with shea/bamboo conditioner, olive oil and a touch of apple cider vinegar. I left it in for 45 minutes and rinsed, then slightly dried my hair and moisturized very well with a handful of my Donna Marie Coconut pomade and a teaspoon of castor oil.

Results: My hair was very shrunken with little definition (probably from the hot oil treatment!) and I lost a LOT of hair for some reason. There was sooo much hair in the bath tub and in the sink, and in my comb!!!!!! Probably it may be better to do a hot oil treatment on wet hair next time? It was a lot of work and it was uncomfortable sleeping. I wanted to have super soft, super moisturized hair and the hot oil/deep conditioning duo did succeed in this respect. Since I wanted to do finger curls, I cannot because of the amount of oil in my hair needed to moisturize it.

Β  I didn’t use any humectants, which would make my hair drier in the winter (like honeys, molasses, aloe vera, etc) but I would’ve loved my hair to have more curl definition! It is New Years Eve (yay πŸ™‚ and I am keeping my hair in very tight curly bantu knots until this evening when I will attempt a wash-and-go look! I will likely fail though πŸ˜€

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