Sheen-y Hair

31 Dec

Who doesn’t love having sheen in their hair? There is much debate about natural hair being “dull” or lacking shine, but I seen so many naturals, famous and ordinary, with really sheen-y hair. Their hair just exudes with a natural, subtle shine. I have a natural sheen if I don’t dry my hair right out of the shower, and also after I undo twists from my hair. Other than that, my hair is quite dull.












Natural hair is a fickle thing and you have to know what does what, and what goes with what product in order to ensure a successful hair day. We know lemon and vinegar give us shine. How do we know what works for US? I have tried so many products, and invested so much time doing things to keep my hair moisturized, soft, shiny (natural sheen) and strong. I just want a simplified routine that can do all 4.











For 2012, I really want to cut down on the labour and time it takes to get my hair looking/feeling like it does above (which is after using a shitload of natural products, spraying it will water daily, moisturizing it, and twisting it.

Isn’t there an easier way to achieve the same results?

I searched again and again online for a simpler routine I could follow.

I generally just want to use basic, quick ingredients so I did this:


Deep condition hair once a week,

Slather with Donna Marie Coconut Pomade and Castor Oil directly after

Wear my hair in twists-outs/Afro puffs

Keep my hair moisturized with my chamomile-coconut oil spray bottle (distilled chamomile water, with melted coconut oil ) and my ANU oil for the end of my hair.

In the summer, I will add molasses and avocados to my deep conditioners.

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