Routines Get Easier

29 Dec

This is the second time I’ve done a “Twist Challenge” which is keeping my twists in for as many days as I can. The first time last week was 4 days and this week I managed 5 days and counting. I no longer feel like I need to stay in the house when my hair is all in twists. I put a nice sparkly scarf on, do my makeup and go about my business! 🙂 It has become so much easier, like a routine, to keep my hair twisted in for long lengths of time. As I stated in my last post about my Twist Challenge, there is soooo much benefits to your hair when you keep it in twists or braids for a week or two like length retention, stronger hair, etc. When I do take my hair out, I’ll likely wear it in an Afro Puff for one or two days and then give myself a Hot Oil Treatment and then wash it…and put it back up in twists for another week.

You see, it’s snowing outside and with the combination of snow, wind and dry cold air—its not good for natural hair to be exposed to that. When I do go outside, I always wear a hood. My hair is never exposed to the elements. And why would I want to expose my head? It’s freezing outside!!! 😛

I have been reading a lot of natural hair blogs ,following posts on Twitter and checking out vids on YouTube and there is such a plethora of information out there, it’s staggering (in a good way!) From how to use baking soda to how to use hot rods, summer styles and winter styles–it’s ALL out there!!!

My hair isn’t something I’m obsessed about. I twist it and forget about it, or put it in an Afro Puff and let it be for the day, but the knowledge I’ve attained has helped me take better care of it and grow it healthily. I used to do some very destructive things to my hair, get frustrated and chop it all over….OVER and OVER again in a vicious hair cycle.

I used to dye my hair with blonde hair dyes (the worst for your hair), use relaxers, use a straightening iron and use tons of hair sprays and gels. I would never cover my head before bed, and would wash it frequently with unnatural shampoos like Dove and John Frieda.

A lot of black women still do those things regularly, but I hope that with the exposure of social media…they will come to find hair tips that can help them create their own hair regimen to healthier, stronger and longer hair!

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