Dressing Up Natural Hair

27 Dec

So many naturalistas ALREADY know these keys to dressing up our natural hair, but it took me a while to clue in! Just like stylists recommend redheads wear green…natural hair has a thick texture to it and can be played up with…

Jewellery! Earrings that hang by our chin doesn’t make our face seem so bare, or large. Big jewellery, or very ornate or brightly coloured earrings help spice up a mundane hair do. Just because our hair isn’t naturally doesn’t mean we can’t shine with a little glitter and gold 🙂






Naturally, our hair is black. A lot of women dye their hair, obviously but think about what colors raven-haired women wear. I see a lot of light colours–silvers and golds and whites and creams. Wearing a lot of light/bright colors lets your hair shine.

Hair bands, flower clips, jewel-encrusted barrettes and feather clips always make hair more ornate. Go for contrasting colors that will STAND out against the black kinks—like vibrant, shiny red or key-lime green.







Last but not least, natural kinky hair and Afros look really cool with a pair of big, faux geek chic glasses. I LOVE seeing these style personally, and it really brings out the trendiness. If you can pull it off, finding these non-prescription geek chic glasses are easy to do–they should be everywhere. Think LMFAO, not Steve Urkel.

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