Sea Salt for Waves

26 Dec

ea salt spray is an amazing hair product that can create waves and curls in your hair. Moreover it can be prepared at home with ease. Surprised? But where was it all this while? Sea salt sprays are a secret for creating those loose curly beach wave hairstyle. They are perfect for all hair types, textures and lengths and give a sensual, soft, frizz-free wave to your hair. The plus point is that they can be made easily at home. Here’s what you need to make sea salt spray for your hair.

Sea Salt Spray Recipe

What is Required

  • 8 fl. oz. of distilled or filtered water.
  • A clean spray bottle. It’s best if you have one in your house, or else, you can get a cheap one from a grocery store. Make sure it can hold at least 8 fl. oz. to 10 fl. oz. of distilled or filtered water.
  • Sea Salt (finely grounded sea salt available in the market works better and mixes well. It may cost you around $2.50). Use 1 teaspoon for each 8 fl. oz. of water.
  • A coconut scented conditioner. Use ½ teaspoon but you can use more if you have dry hair.
  • A dab of unscented hair gel, or else, scent of the gel will interfere with the scent of the conditioner. Also, don’t mix the hair gel that is too thick or they won’t mix well. Instead, use higher hold gel for stronger hold.

Optional Add-Ins

Although, the above-mentioned ingredients make a good sea salt spray, many people tend to add extra oils to make it healthier for the hair. Some of those things are:

  • If you have dry or coarse hair, you may add essential oils. They not only condition your hair, but give them luster too. You may choose Ylang Ylang, which is a great essential oil for sensitive skin, Rosemary that helps to deepen the color of brunette hair, or Chamomile that brightens blonds.
  • Tea tree oil is great for sensitive and oily scalps. This is the best possible option if you have oily hair.
  • You can also use more amount of sea salt if you have oily hair, because sea salt dries out hair quickly. The more you use it, the more it will help in holding your hair in place.
  • Lemon or lime juice is also a good option because it contains slight citrus-y scent and provides extra hold. Avoid adding too much of it as it may make your hair sticky.
  • You can add a hairspray too, but only if the manufactured spray doesn’t hold your hair well. Always add an invisible hold hair spray to maintain the beach hair look.

Directions to Prepare

The toughest part is to get all the ingredients in right quantity. Once you get the ingredients, preparing sea salt spray takes no time. Add all the ingredients to the spray bottle, and shake well until all ingredients are mixed properly. Oils added never mix properly, so shake the spray each time before you use it. If due to any reason, the hair gel or conditioner doesn’t combine, just warm the mixture in a microwave, cool it, and then use the spray.

Sea salt sprays are indeed a great escape from the costly and time-taking beautician’s parlor. They are easy to make, cheap, and wash out easily too. Try making them at home, and you’ll not feel the need to visit beauty salons to get wavy hair.

One Response to “Sea Salt for Waves”

  1. intomind December 26, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    ah this is such a good idea! thanks!

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