Natural Canucks

26 Dec

I have been searching awhile for another Black natural girl pal in my city. I know certain cities have a larger movement but I rarely see naturals here and I was pleased to finally find one, in my age range so we could get talkin’ about hair and beauty and everything organic…and funner..take pics together!

It’s not that crazy! I mean, a lot of blondes like blond friends and I have nothing against relaxed sistas but knowing someone in person who does Bantu knots and twists outs is pretty cool and swapping info can be helpful! I see being natural as more of a lifestyle than just a “look”. It’s a part of my identity, and is a part of me just like every other aspect of my identity such as being a homosexual, or a Canadian. Finding friends I can identify with has always been important to me whether it’s with photography or that we’re animal lovers!

Truthfully, seeing the natural community in the U.S and seeing that some naturalista bloggers or vloggers hang out together is great! It shows unity and it’s pretty cool. Some people are friends because they’re mothers and their kids go to the same school, or they are in the same aerobics class together…so why not make friends over something that is important to us like natural haircare?

One Response to “Natural Canucks”

  1. Nicole nyaga March 11, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    You live in Vancouver ? I would totally like to meet up with some naturals in Van city. If you’re interested leave a message on my tumblr and great blog by the way.

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