26 Dec

There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life’s sores the better. -Oscar Wilde

My hair this month has been good to me, it’s been an easy and enjoyable portion of my natural journey….learning and observing. If I could sum up my month and what has been very valuable components I would say:

Use water on your hair–don’t be afraid of water! Don’t touch your hair…when you leave it alone..it grows (protective styling, twists). And chamomile is a soothing, amazing conditioner for your hair!

I spent more than half the month in Afro Puffs so I will show some:

As well, since I twist my hair nightly…my twist outs:

Yes, that’s my littlest puppy :). Excuse how horrid I look in each picture…I’m at home in my robe without a speck of makeup on!!! I would put more effort into looking nicer but I’m so lazy! 😛

I did manage a bun one or two days this month, I have no idea how..or how any natural girl does it. It seems complicated and my hair REFUSES…but it’s a sleek, sophisticated look and I wisssshhhh I remembered which Youtube tutorial I watched. 😦

Excuse the fact I’m cuddling Tigger..I DO work with babies and toddlers 🙂

I twist my hair like this every night on dry hair!!! I clip the ends up with bobby pins and use a bit of aloe vera gel, water and that Donna Marie coconut pomade stuff (at least…I think it’s coconut).

Above is my Christmas hair do. I wrote previously of wanting to do a bun but my hair wouldn’t cooperate 😦 so I went with a fluffed out puff. I took this yesterday so it’s probably the most accurate picture of how “long” my hair is, or how much hair I have. 😀 . I gots a ton of growing to do!

Hair is a creation of beauty, and healthy Black hair is nature’s sweetest gift, IMO!

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