Type 4 Hair

24 Dec

I didn’t know that I had a “type” of hair other than Black hair. I heard about the term Type 4 a/b hair in the summertime this year and was still largely clueless as to what my hair type is…since as its getting longer, it is changing from a 4b to…who knows? I don’t think it really matters if someone has nice “3b” hair or someone has coarse “4c” hair. I have seen YouTubers with THE most gorgeous, amazing hair ever and their hair is like a 4b, but I have seen women with 3c hair that grows effortlessly within months.

Especially within the NHM (Natural Hair Movement)…finding a system to separate hair types sounds silly and pompous. It generally has an underlying meaning that the closer you get to the European type (Type 2) then the nicer your hair is…or the more success you have being natural. But it’s very misleading because a natural can start out with short, 4B hair and in 2 years have long, spirally 3B hair. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes! At the same time, a natural with 3C hair may find her hair grows thicker and wider (like an afro), rather than down — while still showing its curl form which may mean its a mix of 3B and 4B. What would ya know?

Being natural shouldn’t be about a race to who has hair closest to Type 2, or superiority. It should be about women embracing who they are naturally and being confident in their own skin and hair–regardless if it’s spirally curls or thick kinks! If we find a system to put down (even if its unintentionally) women with hair that is more coily than our own (or glorify women with Europeanized hair)…it’s not progress at all!



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