Help! I Need a Leave In Conditioner!

24 Dec

It’s Christmas season and I’m broke as ever running around and getting stuff for people…and I simply can’t spend thirty bucks on a leave-in conditioner at my natural hair shop, Honey Fig until January. 😦 So I perused around and Google to find out if there is anything I could use in my own cupboards to make one to last until I buy a proper one. The answer is…YES!

A cheapie option is to mix your favourite conditioner and water into a spray bottle! This will hold me for a few weeks until I’m able to buy a proper leave in conditioner like Afroveda Strength Blueberry and Pomegranate Silk-N-Strengthen Spray ($28.00 plus tax, Honey Fig.) I can’t wait to mix this together and try tomorrow! 😀



Water-based leave in conditioners are my number one MUST-HAVE for natural hair care.   They infuse the hair with hydration and moisture, which curly hair craves.

Curly hair is naturally dry and a simple weekly wash & deep condition isn’t enough to keep it looking good, healthy & frizz-free.   A major cause of breakage and damage in curly and coily natural hair is inadequate moisture, and this is why regular application of moisture in the form of leave-in conditioners is so essential.

The number best type of leave-in for natural hair is water. Yeah, you heard that right!!!  Water is the curly hair’s best friend!  This is because oils, creams, pomades and other oil or cream based product do not actually moisturise the hair.

The main function of oils and creams is to SEAL MOISTURE INTO the hair.  They do not actually infuse the hair with moisture, but act as a barrier to protect the hair from loss of moisture.  Now, if the hair is already dry due to inadequate moisture, adding oil or cream to the hair will simply make the situation worse.  You will be effectively SEALING MOISTURE OUT OF  the hair and blocking the hair from being able to ‘breathe’.  This is why the best leave-in conditioner or hair moisturiser is a water-based product.

I started making my own leave-in conditioner aka moisturiser about 2-3 months into my natural hair journey and have not looked back since!

I attribute my healthy hair mainly to the use of water-based moisturisers and water-based leave-in conditioners.  Incorporate this into your hair regime and you will be pelasantly surprised.


My recipes have evolved and grown over the years and at the moment, I am using my own home-made blend of herbal & ayurvedic plants, along with liquid proteins, essential oils and  other hydrating goodies.

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