Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

24 Dec

So I couldn’t wait until Sunday…I was excited šŸ™‚ and tried out the ACV rinse. What I did in steps was

1. I applied a quarter cup of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) to my hair and let it sit for like 20 minutes. Then I parted my hair into 4 and tied it up.

2. I washed my hair in four parts, downwards, with Nature’s Gate Jojoba shampoo…focusing on my scalp.

3. I rinsed and then poured the ACV rinse into my hair and let it run down into the Bath tub. The rinse I made consisted of distilled warm water, 2 tbsp of ACD vinegar, 1 teabag of chamomile and 2 tbsp of thyme. (Chamomile is a wonderful hair conditioner, helps make hair manageable and shinier..while thyme is a stimulant, helping with circulation when placed on the scalp and can stimulate new hair growth).

My Homemade Rinse

My Homemade Rinse

4. I then condition my hair with J/A/S/O/N Jojoba Natural Conditioner, towel dry my hair and apply my coconut oil butter to the strands.

I found the ACV rinse made my hair SUPER soft, although all the dry thyme herbs were difficult to get out of my hair šŸ˜¦ I’ll use chamomile again–not thyme. At first, when wet, my hair appeared shinier but when it dried it was the same as usual. My curl pattern was more pronounced than ever, but this may have been because my hair was in twists for 4 days beforehand. But yes, it was manageable–I couldn’t deny that. And my hair feels way cleaner, which is good.

I didn’t have as much “shrinkage” which is good. Shrinkage annoys me because I cannot get some hairdos to work properly with shrunk hair. I always twist my hair immediately after shower to stretch it, or if I’m lazy I’ll band my hair. I don’t care too much about the curl pattern. I have 4b hair and I only notice the curls after I shower anyways. My usual hairstyle is an Afro puff and I don’t need a curl pattern for that, really. All that matters is I have BIG hair–so when it shrinks…I’m not too happy :P.
I definitely want to incorporate the use of chamomile into my hair regimen regularly. The aroma of chamomile is so delicious and soothing and it is a natural, effective herb! šŸ˜€

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