Wrong Advice for Black Curly Hair

23 Dec

Like many of us naturals growing up, everything our moms and grandmoms knew about our hair seemed correct but as we grew up and embarked on our own journeys…we realized, they were wrong. Way wrong. Dealing with our hair by straightening it, hot combing it, combing it while dry and using chemicals is very damaging to begin with. But what other false information did we obtain…and the media perforated?

Most of us used grease on our hair…that thick, pomade like usually petroleum based hair-death that contain cheap oils–including mineral oil. Why this is so widely manufactured and sold to us is beyond me. Didn’t these university-grad scientists making this stuff realize how harmful it was to our hair? Or maybe it was manufactured so our crown of glory wouldn’t grow. Who knows if it is a conspiracy or not! All we know is ditch the grease for something with hair-friendly, natural and nutritious oil-based hair butters like: shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oils, grapeseed, Vitamin E…and look for lots of essential oils, biotin, aloe vera…the GOOD stuff.

We also washed our hair with shampoos and conditioners formulated for fine, White hair which is not very useful to us because they contain a multitude of damaging, drying chemicals such as sulfates, phtalates, propylene glycol, dioxin, synthetic glycerin..stay away from these “fancy” mainstream brands because they are nothing but trouble for your tresses. Focus instead on health care brands with little chemicals formulated to moisturize your hair like Aubrey Organics, Beauty 4 Ashes, Ojon, or Nature’s Gate. It is even better if you have a natural hair store around you that will sell shampoos/conditioners and deep conditioners specifically formulated for your hair type! You will find shampoos from every natural haircare brand like Carol’s Daughter to Mixed Chicks.

We know we shouldn’t shampoo every day, but instead..once a week is optimal (some people say 7-10 days). Yet, it is shocking how  many people put tons of grease, gels and pomades in their hair and then wash it frequently with mainstream shampoos that will dry out your strands. It is even a good idea to wash your hair only with condiitoner for extra moisture.

When we think of water on our hair, we shrink back–and so does our hair but water is moisture…and moisture is good. Get a cheap spray bottle and fill it with water and a teaspoon of your favourite moisturizing oil (I use olive oil). Whenever your hair gets “hard” or needs a bit of softening…spritz some water on it. Not enough to drench it, but enough so it gets a drink. Water is not our hair’s enemy!

All the oils I use now, my  mother said they are bad for me. But truthfully, they are good for me (and natural!). Also, stay away from heat. That includes blow dryers! For your every day styling, try not to use heat products if you can. These are simple rules of natural hair care, the foundation to a journey. I can go on and on about the things we used in our hair that isn’t very beneficial….we all know them! 😉

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