Every Brand Has a Gem

22 Dec

I’m very excited to try some gem’s from some well known natural brands that have apparently “done wonders” for other naturalistas while combating my natural hair woes (like dealing with my hair’s thickness). Its short but dense, and I definitely need cream based products for that since I buy my oil-based products cheaper at health food stores (grapeseed oils, shea butters, etc). I just want manageable, shiny and soft hair and even though it’s like thirty bucks, I’m itching ot try Curl Junkie’s #1 seller Hibiscus and Bananas Deep Fix Conditioner because its a versatile product (daily leave in, deep conditioner, etc). I need something (the IT product) to transform my hair from dull and lifeless to shiny and vicacious. I know about the kinks and how oil doesn’t reach our ends, but there are some magnificent products that are helping make our hair look fabulous–NATURAL products made for our hair type. When I do find that perfect gem, whether its Oyin or Miss Jessie or Uncle Funky–I’ll definitely write about it 😉

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