22 Dec

As you can see, my hair looks a lot more manageable after being in twists for four days. Yes, I managed to keep them in from Saturday morning-Tuesday night. I was kinda sad to take them down, actually. 🙂 When I did, I felt the hair of my nape was definitely stronger/longer and my hair felt all around more manageable, soft, healthy and strong. It was easier to put my hair in an Afro puff and I used just a bit of aloe vera gel and water to smooth down the front. My hair didn’t turn out too curly because my twists were small but this weekend I plan to do my hair in cornrow twists and that should also have the same effect as what I did. I understand now what all these ladies have been saying about hair lenth retention. Don’t touch you hair, and it will grow!!!

I just definitely have to shout out to my favourite bloggers and Youtube video mavens for adding so much confidence and information to the world of natural hair. Without seeing these women rock their tresses proudly out there, I don’t think I would have been as confident going out in hairstyles I’ve never done before on hair I had no idea about before (my own, go figure). Of course, these women are inspiration to many of us as it’s obvious by the comment and blog viewers :). Rock on, Ladies!

Obviously, I always love CurlyNikki.com http://curlynikki.forumotion.com/t7484-natural-hair-blogs, which I view as the #1 blog for photos and info. Hairscapades http://hairscapades.com/tag/natural-hair-blogs/, Natural Hair Community http://www.naturalhaircommunity.com/what-men-really-think-about-natural-hair-%e2%80%93-part-2 , Natural Hair Rules, http://naturalhairrules.blogspot.com/, The Natural Haven (informative, insightful…) http://thenaturalhaven.blogspot.com/, and the Good Hair Blog which has TONS of photos of naturalistas http://thegoodhairblog.com/.

My favourite Youtubers are in order:

1. From Britain, sdecordovaxxx  is my #1 because she’s articulate, simply gorgeous, her hairstyles are easy to follow and her hair is somewhat similar to mine (although she has a looser curl).

2. I love, love, love , she seems like a genuinely sweet blogger and I understand her hair tutorials and LOVE her natural tresses. I’m glad she has a boatload of videos :).

3. has some phenomenal hair, and I love her personal style. She’s also articulate and funny too.

4. has easy-to-follow, easy-to-watch videos, she’s very pretty, has STUNNING hair and informative stuff. I like her because her hair type is similar to mine and she doesn’t waste time droning on in front of a camera. She definitely knows how to properly post a video! 🙂

5. I watch her videos A LOT, I must admit. She is articulate, has greaaaaaaaaaat hair , like seriously–amazing and she’s not all “I’m so pretty, look at me” but actually focuses on her hair, what she uses, and how she does it. Perfect! I follow a lot of her hair advice and tutorials and when I do, I always have great results. I also love natural Youtubers who don’t straighten their hair or use weaves/wigs and she really is completely natural. I also heard she’s from NY (?) which is totally cool :D.

So this is my list of my favourite Youtubers, and they are all amazing hair vixens and sound like really cool girls. I hope you check them out and agree!

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