Humidify this Winter

15 Dec

As a kid, I never had a humidifier in my home, and I cannot believe it. Apparently, these things have a lot of benefits–especially in cold climate like today. When the heater goes on in the winter, it dries out the air leaving your skin (and hair) dry and crackly. I hate dry lips!

Keeping moisture in my hair is EXACTLY what I need to do and a humidifer sounds like just the thing. I plan to purchase one this weekend as my hair has been noticeably drier and hard since the radiator heater has been turned on max! I also plan to buy pure shea butter for my hair to add to the bunch of things I use for my hair. I feel like the less chemicals, and the more organic the product that goes in–the better.

As a “natural” woman, I really mean natural. Products containing a long list of ingredients I cannot pronounce sounds sketchy to me! I like what I eat to be simple and homemade, and what goes on my body and skin to be as close to nature as possible. Society is so modern these days but we must remember many, many good things come from the earth and science can only replicate it!

If you are thinking about getting a humidifer, Wal-Mart has great ones from $30.00 and Canadian Tire sells them from $40+. 


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