Why Won’t My Hair GROW?!

11 Dec

It is easy to become quickly envious of many naturalistas who tote long, curly tresses and flaunt it on blogs and Youtube videos. You wonder why–if you’re using the same products and have the exact same hair type, why your hair is growing at a MUCH slower rate.

I always wondered the same thing. Why does my sister’s hair grow so long and curly like our mother’s yet mine remains like a warped furball on top of my head? I use natural, organic expensive products and my sister doesn’t give any thought to which product she puts in her hair! Are the gods being unfair?

Perhaps your hair is stuck in a phase. There is a growth, rest and shedding phase for our hair. It may be that your hair (and my hair) is stuck in a rest phase that could last (gasp!) YEARS. I’ve heard interesting stories of natural women who take superb care of their hair and yet it doesn’t grow for years–until one day….BAM! Long shoulder length curls. WTF?

I guess you just have to count your lucky stars and hope your Sleeping Beauty hair wakes up sooner than later! 🙂


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