Purified Water and Hair

9 Dec

Tap water is very harsh for hair. It contains minerals and calcium and other agents that can be very harmful to our delicate strands. These minerals can settle on our tresses after washing it. The best thing to do is to filter your water. Since I’m waay too broke to afford a water filtration system in my apartment bathroom, what I do (and it’s labour-intensive) is take Brita water, boil it with some cut ginger and pour that over my hair with a jug to rinse out the shampoo, and later, the conditioner.

Ginger has circulatory agents that stimulate the hair’s follicle growth cycle (and it’s cheap!) It is also rich in fatty acids that is good for hair as well. It is very potent and natural, and smells amazing. You can do the rinse before or after shampooing. Since it is so beneficial for the scalp, doing a quick scalp massage with ginger-infused water is a good idea. Ginger also has antiseptic properties to help relieve dandruff. Ginger is a staple in my family’s Caribbean household and used for many things from stomach cramps to nausea. Including it in your hair regimen will give you thicker, longer hair.

I hope by using the filtered water to create softer hair not hardened by the minerals in regular tap water. My building is over 60 years old and the system isn’t very up to date. It is a good idea to find out about your own water supply and evaluate whether or not it is an investment to get the filtration system or go through the task of pouring Brita water (or bottled water) on your hair to wash it.

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